A bird doesn't trust in the branch he is sitting on
but in the power of his wings! 


Birds in general, eagles in particular teach us valuable lessons.
We condensed these into 7 core values: 

Eagles fly in very high altitudes even if it means flying alone. 
We encourage everyone to dare to step out of mediocrity
and live his or her full greatness  

Raptors have an accurate vision and lock their target even when being far away in the sky and still being in motion. 
Our work bases on a great vision and we enable everyone to vision their opportunities for new goals.

When a storm comes up eagles are the only ones who fly above the storm to soar over the clouds while all other birds go down and search for shelter. 
We challenge you to leave your comfort zone and face your shadows and opportunities of growth and improvement. 

The key to success is 100% commitment in the present moment. 
We encourage you to commit fully to what you do.
If you cannot do that, it's not what you should do and we support you in finding your true purpose.  

We work for  an ongoing development of human potential, 
a growing wisdom and consciousness

Growing consciousness leads to growing freedom and inner and outer peace. 
This is what our work is both based on and creating. 

When an eagle grows old, he hurts himself to grow new feathers. 
Letting go of everything that holds us back, developing new skills and tools
to enjoy a higher flight is essential to a happy and successful life.


(often referred to as or related to "mindfulness"
which is a very inproper word for what it really is)

is the underlying essence for all the values above and the fundamental basis of how we develop



Our spheres of influence and responsibility


Learn more about the subdivisions of The WING Group


The WING world

Uniting Heroes of Change 

In 2018 the subdivision The WING world launches the international community for Coaches, Trainers, Healers, Therapists, Speakers, Authors, Consultants and all "heroes of change", named

coaching ONE – Let's unite to be the change 

Human Potential World
is an international Expert Panel and Hub for high class Psychologists, Coaches, Philosophers and Spiritual Teachers, working on ways to support worldwide development of human potential and growth of consciousness, compassion and peace.
[coming 2018]

Human Potential today
is a Magazine, published by the Human Potential World Panel
[coming 2018]

The WING Academy

Educating for a changing world

Beginning of 2018 the subdivision The WING Academy launches the great unprecedented Academy for EVERYONE who's interested in Coaching of all sort with no pre-requirements needed:

Coaching.College –
Be the change by developing yourself and others

ExpertEase Academy
Further Education for experienced High Professionals in Coaching, Training, Speaking, Teaching
[coming 2018]  



The Work of Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood, international Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher and founder of The WING supports individuals in leading a happy, self-determined and fulfilled life. He is a dedicated part of the human potential movement and is one of the most committed spiritual teachers for consciousness and authenticity.
He coaches people of each age and position on relating and connecting authentically and on how to find your purpose in life and create your dream job out of it. He also coaches entrepreneurs worldwide on how to be successful in doing what you love. 

www.shipwood.one →

Coaching Programs & Workshops

The PURPOSE System™ 
Rediscover your passion, talents and purpose

RISE & SHINE as Entrepeneur™
Thrive as purpose driven solopreneur

The Heart 2 Heart Project™
How having authentic relationships in
love and business changes everything

www.shipwood.one →

Circle of Consciousness – Freedom through Awareness — 
Live Meditation Circles

pure love — more than a meditation technique

written VOICE — Online Magazine & Podcast

shipwood.tv — TV & Media Channel for an awakening world

Let's Rock Your Year!
Annual Live-Event for sustainable motivation

Conscious Business

Business Coaching & Consulting 

»Conscious Business & Spiritual Leadership« is a coaching and consulting program for companies and corporations of all sizes.

  • From money to meaning
  • From winning to creating value
  • Compassionate leadership
  • Daily practice of honesty and respect
  • Supportive systems
  • Intrapersonal education structures
  • Taking responsibility
  • Facing challenging situations   
  • Joining commitment
  • Encouraging creativity

If you want to elevate your company to be ready for a new age of conscious business, leave your email address at
www.consciousbusiness.one →

nooYou!® – It's your new life

moduled Coaching 

At the nooYou!® platform people can choose from several coaching modules, addressing issues and questions of private and business life or greater topic clusters, mixed bundles of the right modules regarding a specific overall topic or process.


new world vox

Marketing for conscious Entrepreneurs 

Affordable marketing solutions for the small startup and solopreneur: Supporting great ideas for a changing world with low-price but high-quality solutions like websites, business cards, logo-design and much more


Sponsoring Projects & Joint Ventures


Summits & Events

HEAL & FUEL Summit — Yearly Event on how to heal, fuel, recharge and supply for an active and committed work- and lifestyle.

Let's Rock Your Year! 
Annual Live-Event for sustainable motivation

human potential talk nights (coming soon)


Other Projects 

creActive – Network for Free Thinkers
Uniting for creative approaches: The future of education, sustainability, ways of living and working. 

contact generations – intergeneration coaching
Coaching for teenagers, parents, teachers, human beings of any age

Start now!


Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take this moment and make it perfect.
NOW is the only moment where you can actually do something. 
No matter how you want to contribute: 

1) Support us with what we do.

2) Work with a personal coach
to solve limiting issues and develop your full potential. 

3) Elevate your company
to be ready for a new conscious age.

4) Become a coach 
to enrich the journey of others.

Get in touch! - and learn how YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE
you want to see in the world.