About The WING Group

The WING Group is not only a company, it’s a collective of projects and people, with the purpose to raise consciousness in all kinds of areas, develop human potential and unite and empower everybody with that same mission.

This is led by Manuel Shipwood, the Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Author and Speaker, born in Germany and now working worldwide as the voice for conscious business, conscious leadership and conscious living.

The WING Group consists auf 5 units: .Consulting, .Academy, .Health, .World and .Services, introduced here.

Main focus of our work is enabling businesses to realign their strategies and work style with their genuine purpose and empower their executives to lead from a higher consciousness to do improve employee commitment, happiness and engagement and hence the overall productivity, the level of creativity and innovation, the reputation as an employer and the compassionate connection with all stakeholders.

In the same context we also focus on a new way to define health in those conscious businesses. Encouraging a holistic approach to establish a healthy culture, leadership and workforce, we enable companies to increase overall vitality, resilience, endurance and presence with their employees. Decreasing absence- and burnout-rates, cutting turnover-costs and creating a productive, vital and energetic company at the same time, our corporate health consultancy can create an ROI of 500% and more important: A healthy and happy company with people enjoying that they are uniting to create a change.