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inside and outside of your business

Why this is important to us

We fundamentally believe in the infinite potentiality and in the enormous value of guidance and support when it comes to human potential development. We also believe that awareness, heedfulness (often confusingly miscalled mindfulness) and a higher consciousness are the foundation of all sustainable change and growth.

Therefore all our coaching and consulting empowers you to lead from a higher consciousness, a broader perspective, driven by purpose and values.

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Conscious Business & Inspiring Leadership

Coaching & Consulting

High values, as found in higher developed spiritual traditions like Buddhism, namely compassion, conscious purposeful action, the will to reduce and to avoid the creation of suffering, the intention to help others on their path of development, right speech (conscious communication), etc. are the foundation of our work. We see that they enable us to lead a happy and fulfilled life. As we are all spending most of our wake life time at work, it is a logical conclusion to apply these values, attitudes and intentions to the work environment as well. This leads us to what we nowadays call “conscious business”.

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Coaching & Personal Development for everybody

nooYou! – moduled coaching PLatform


When Manuel Shipwood, the founder of The WING Group, started out in the area of coaching and consulting, coaching was mostly just available to the CxO-level of companies and high-level executives.

And that while he saw the urgent necessity of making a guided and supported personal development accessible to everyone. Especially when it comes to topics like finding your true purpose in life, starting your own business or leading healthy and conscious relationships in general.

The result was nooYou!, a B2C online coaching platform where users can choose and combine small modules of coaching to support their individual path. Have a look how you can treat yourself with your personal coaching programs.
(Some nooYou! modules are currently undergoing maintenance to meet your needs even better. This might lead to limited visibility of modules in the meantime)