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The Work of Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood, international Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher and founder of The WING Group supports individuals in leading a joyful, meaningful, conscious, self-determined, successful and fulfilled life. He is a dedicated part of the human potential movement and is one of the most committed spiritual teachers and business coaches for rising consciousness in all areas of life around the world.
He coaches people of each age and position on relating and connecting authentically and on how to find your purpose in life. He also coaches entrepreneurs worldwide on how to start their own business from a purposeful vision and on how to increase effective and purposeful activity to become more successful. 
Manuel Shipwood is a worldwide expert for conscious business & conscious leadership, influenced by buddhist teachings, over 20 years of meditation and studying of all kinds of spiritual teachings on wisdom and consciousness, further by leading spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, speakers like Les Brown and renowned coaches around the world. After also working in the corporate world for many years, serving clients like AUDI, BMW, Fujitsu and many others he combines his business experience with the wisdom of raising consciousness in companies and corporations to empower conscious leaders, establish a conscious culture of respect, appreciation and purpose. 
Born in Germany, travelled and worked internationally he coaches, speaks and teaches in the United States, Europe and the whole world.  

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Coaching Programs & Workshops

Find Your Purpose! – The PURPOSE System™ 
Rediscover your passion, talents and purpose

Conscious Entrepeneur – Startup Guide
Start your own business. Be coached from your first idea over creating a profitable business model, getting your marketing ready and doing the mental work to approach the right customers in an effective way. 

Conscious Entrepeneur – ACCELERATOR Program
You already started as a solopreneur or entrepreneur but you are not where you want to be with your business. Let's level up your business with a 1-on-1 personal coaching program. 

The Heart 2 Heart Project™
How having authentic relationships in
all areas of life changes everything from love to business.

Media & Live

Conscious Moments Podcast
Sharing ways of conscious living

The Conscious Entrepreneur .today
Online-Magazine for all entrepreneurs of the new aeon.

Circle of Consciousness – Freedom through Awareness — 
Live Meditation Circles

written VOICE — Online Magazine & Podcast

shipwood.tv — TV & Media Channel for an awakening world

Conscious Business &
Inspiring Leadership

Coaching & Consulting 

»Conscious Business & Inspiring Leadership« is a coaching and consulting program for companies and corporations of all sizes.

  • From money to meaning

  • From winning to creating value

  • Compassionate leadership

  • Daily practice of honesty and respect

  • Supportive systems

  • Intrapersonal education structures

  • Taking responsibility

  • Facing challenging situations

  • Joining commitment

  • Encouraging creativity

If you want to elevate your company to be ready for a new age of conscious business, leave your email address at
www.consciousbusiness.one →

Conscious Leaders’ World — 
Podcast in the world of conscious leadership

Conscious Business .today
Online Magazine for conscious business


new world vox

Marketing for conscious Entrepreneurs 

Affordable marketing solutions for every conscious business: Started with supporting small business owners and fresh entrepreneurs with basic marketing material, new world vox™ now creates marketing & media solutions for every conscious business of any size. Supporting great ideas for a changing world with fair priced high-quality solutions like websites, business cards, logo-design and much more.


nooYou!® – It's your new life

moduled Coaching 

At the nooYou!® platform people can choose from several coaching modules, addressing issues and questions of private and business life or greater topic clusters, mixed bundles of the right modules regarding a specific overall topic or process.


The WING .World

Uniting Heroes of Change 

The subdivision The WING world launches the international community for Coaches, Trainers, Healers, Therapists, Speakers, Authors, Consultants and all "heroes of change", named

coaching ONE™ – Let's unite to be the change 

Human Potential World
is an international Expert Panel and Hub for high class Psychologists, Coaches, Philosophers and Spiritual Teachers, working on ways to support worldwide development of human potential and growth of consciousness, compassion and peace.
[coming soon]

Human Potential today
Magazine, published by the Human Potential World Panel
[coming soon]

The WING .Academy

Educating for a changing world

The subdivision The WING Academy launches the great unprecedented Academy for EVERYONE who's interested in Coaching of all sort with no pre-requirements needed:

Coaching.College™ –
Be the change by developing yourself and others

ExpertEase Academy
Further Education for experienced High Professionals in Coaching, Healing, Training, Speaking, Teaching
[coming soon]  


The WING .Health

Holistic Approach to abundance 

Personal and Corporate Health is our reborn area of activity. After starting 4 years ago with services in this area and pausing for a while we now reintegrate this beautiful work with a brand new concept and a great new team. Bringing a new idea of “health” into your company and homes with a unique approach.


The WING .Center

FACILITATING Growth & Transformation 

Be a part of this amazing project! We search for investors to create a unique and unprecedented experience of learning, growing, transforming, rising awareness and consciousness, relaxing, reconnecting with your body, nature and other beings. 
Investors can request further information at

Sponsoring Projects & Joint Ventures


Summits & Events

HEAL & FUEL Summit — Event on how to heal, fuel, recharge and supply for an active and committed work- and lifestyle.

Let's Rock Your Year! 
Live-Event for sustainable motivation

human potential talk nights


Other Projects 

creActive – Network for Free Thinkers
Uniting for creative approaches: The future of education, sustainability, ways of living and working. 

contact generations – intergeneration coaching
Coaching for teenagers, parents, teachers, human beings of any age