The WING Group launches in-house agency for conscious entrepreneurs

Today, 02.01.2018 The WING Group’s new in-house agency “new world vox” takes up its work officially. 
new world vox grew from the need of affordable media startup kits including business cards, simple websites etc. for young entrepreneurs, mostly “solopreneurs”, who took part in coaching programs with Manuel Shipwood, the founder of The WING Group and new world vox.

“I realized, that so many inspiring and visionary solopreneurs are out there whose great ideas in each field of conscious business, sustainability, social work etc. are often not represented in a professional way. The main reason is that most of them cannot afford a big advertising agency at that state of development. I wanted to change that. new world vox offers small, quick, affordable but still professional, beautiful solutions like websites, logos, business cards and more.” 
explains Manuel Shipwood, Founder and current project manager of new world vox. 
Shipwood brings in his long term experience, after owning a media and communications agency for over 10 years and supporting agencies and publishing houses in the field of digital media and corporate communications as interim project manager and consultant. Being also a studied computer scientist, specialized in multimedia design and development and having worked in projects for top companies like BMW, AUDI, Fujitsu, Thyssen, Linde, Allianz and others he knows how important a professional look & feel is. 

Today he works as a coach, author and speaker, supporting people all over the world, finding their purpose in life and creating a business out of it. 

His growing team at new world vox already includes an international group of developers, designers and motion picture artists. Freelancers, interested in working on more meaningful projects are invited to apply.

new world vox is not for everybody: “As the brand already signs out, it is all about the “voice of the new world”, an awakening world where people with bold, innovative ideas, driven by compassion, love and a rising consciousness need our support to make this world a better place. »Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do« as we know” explains Manuel Shipwood the priority on topics like sustainability, healthy nutrition, coaching, therapy, yoga, meditation, social work and more. 

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The WING Group is a parent brand that includes several projects which are best described with the groups threefold slogan “Developing Human Potential / Raising Consciousness / Uniting Heroes of Change”. Shipwood signaled that there are more big projects coming up in 2018.

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