Going the extra mile

We don’t only consult you on how to do it, we assist you doing it.

Additionally to our Coaching and Consulting services we provide our customers with assistance in marketing, sales and management.

new world vox™

The Agency for conscious businesses


new world vox started as a service project to provide conscious entrepreneurs who left our start-up coaching with affordable, quick but high quality marketing material that matches the business model we created in the coaching and consulting programs with them. In the meantime new world vox grew to a small agency for all kind of conscious businesses, who need support with their marketing activities and want to advertise in a fair, honest, sustainable and conscious way. Let’s talk about your current situation and see how we can support you, too:


Interim Management Services

You don’t have to walk that path alone

Sometimes our clients need to act on the spot but don’t have time to create and fill new positions before initiating the change process. Whether it is implementing a corporate health management in your company or changing your company’s strategy, processes and structures to meet the new conscious business standards, we will be at your side and can integrate a consultant and/or an interim manager in your company to guide the development process.

Let’s talk about it. We will find a way: