Inhouse & Off-site
Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

Additionally to our Conscious Business & Leadership Program we offer variety of development programs, seminars and training formats.

Here is a selection of our portfolio:
Please contact us for further details or additional services not listed.


Conscious Communication

Learn and cultivate a communication of appreciation to create a low conflict work environment and keep up the committed engagement of your employees. Based on non-violent communication, basic buddhist teachings and our Conscious Leadership approach.

Duration: 3 days
Best Audience: Executives & Employees of all levels and disciplines

self management

Self management

Learn how to use time and energy the right way. Find your individual way as a “conscious performer”: beyond efficiency at all cost. Utilize your life energy wisely and optimize outcome AND your personal resources.

Duration: 1 day
Best Audience: Executives & Employees of all levels and disciplines

burn-out prevention

Burn-out prevention
for Leaders

Good health is success. And to be successful and productive you need healthy, committed, happy and fulfilled employees. We all know that by now. But do we create the environment in our companies that prevents burn-outs and bore-outs? Are we actively engaged to support our employees and team members to stay healthy and purposeful engaged? Learn how:

Duration: 1 day
Best Audience: Executives

Public Workshops & Seminars

For those who want to explore and know more

Usually, we love to guide companies and executives through development processes of becoming a more conscious business, a conscious leader and/or creating a conscious culture. These processes can take from months to years.

However, there are many people, who are ready to explore and learn about these topics but maybe don’t have the opportunity to initiate the change process in their company or need more expertise in the topic to do so.

For these cases we provide independent workshops and seminars on various topics of our work.

Current public workshops and seminars will be listed below when available:

Additionally to the public events, we would love to set up a workshop or seminar meeting your needs in your company.
Just tell us what exactly you need and want to achieve: